NAACP Joins Proposition 8 Challenge

Supporting minority rights in same sex battle
By John Payton
The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund has filed a friend of the court brief challenging California’s Proposition 8, the voter-approved referendum against gay marriage ban, on the grounds that the basic rights of a minority group cannot be taken away by a simple majority.

read more in the Portland Observer

2 Responses to NAACP Joins Proposition 8 Challenge

  1. Mary Farkas says:

    Just ran across your site via the Women’s Interest Network in Ventrua, California.
    I want to THANK YOU for all that you’re doing on behalf of our rights. It’s time to overturn one of the last bastions of hate. After Prop. 8 is defeated, let’s get to work on Federal Social Security Rights for the LGTB community!
    I wrote the following piece for Pastor Rick. You may use it. Mary Farkas (aka

    Gluttony and Hubris
    Pastor Rick

    You sit there so smug

    in your Dateline interview

    with Ann Curry.

    You continue to state what you believe

    are morally correct notions of why

    homosexual women and men should

    continue to be despised.

    Continue to be scapegoated by the world.

    Just as “good” men of the proverbial cloth
    (the cloth which hides their own sins)

    continued to state what they believed

    were morally correct notions of why

    Jewish women and men should be despised.

    Were they not vermin, non-human, capable

    of the vilest deeds. Thus their suffering

    millennia of murder, abuse, belittling, was

    deemed acceptable, justified.

    Marriage has always been between a man and a woman.

    Every single religion says it’s so.

    It’s been this way for 5,000 years; so you say.

    And for 5,000 years, give or take, slavery too was

    deemed acceptable, justified.

    You accuse us of sins against your beloved bible.

    Our acts of loving go against “nature.”

    Man lying with man is an abomination.

    Thus we harbor the hate of the world,

    condoned by you.

    Well Rick, surprise; my “sin” hurts no one,

    not even me.

    My love for a woman is as blessed and tender,

    as Holy and Profound as any human love is.

    The coming together of soul to soul, in shared

    compassion, and passion,

    is no sin. Ever.

    But you sit there, righteous, large,

    still digesting your too big meal.

    Evidencing Gluttony in your entire being;

    your outgrown shirt, pants, suit jacket

    and huge double chin under your goatee

    of Hubris and Gorging.

    Your sins will wreck havoc on your body,

    will cause your immune system to fail,

    will cause your heart to break,

    will cause the fire of heartburn in your

    God forsaken throat;

    and will cause your penis to lay flacid

    as you watch the beautiful women

    you wish to penetrate.

    Your sins will wreck havoc on the body of the world,

    will cause hate to be justified,

    will cause beatings and death from ignorant fear,

    will cause the true gift of Christ and other Masters

    to be lost yet again.

    December 21, 2008

  2. Shelly K says:

    One of the better commitaries I have read on this subject. Keep up the good work and hang in there.

    The Desert Fox

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