Waiting for Reckoning Day

Kate’s Blog: Out for Justice

As we brace ourselves for another reckoning day—the California Supreme Court’s ruling in our Prop 8 legal challenge—I am appalled that our basic rights were put up for a popular vote, and fervently hopeful that the Court will do the right thing. In our democracy, respect for minority rights is as essential as the principle of majority rule. The California Constitution prohibits the use of a simple amendment process to change the basic ground rules of our government. Therefore, before the people of California can change our government to one in which minorities no longer have a secure entitlement to equal rights, they must use the more deliberative process required for constitutional revision. That is the essence of the argument we have presented to the Court. It is now up to the Court to decide whether it will become the first in the country to hold that majorities can strip minorities of fundamental rights.

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