Action Alert: Support Fair Housing and Employment in Ohio Today!

Our colleagues at Equality Ohio have been lobbying relentlessly for HB 176—the Equal Housing and Employment Act, and it may come up for a vote next week. This bill would make it illegal to discriminate against LGBT residents in housing and would prohibit people from being fired based solely on their sexual orientation in the state of Ohio.

We need you to take action now and tell your legislators to vote YES on HB 176.

Those opposed to equality are already contacting the legislature. In fact, our opponents are flooding the phone lines by a 2:1 margin. We need to show legislators that Ohioans support equal treatment before the law without regards to sexual orientation.

Please contact your legislator on behalf of equality today! And, after sending an email, please call your legislator so they can hear from you directly. Find your legislator and then call them to urge them to support HB 176.

Equality is possible with your support.

In solidarity,

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