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by Kathy Belge | About.com

twitter_logoI love Twitter. For me, it’s a mix of breaking news, political commentary, activism alerts and random silliness. Here is a list of lesbians I like to follow on Twitter.

1. Suze Orman
If you’re a fan of her financial advice, then you want to follow Suze Orman on Twitter. Suze gives advice, responds to questions, talks about her partner KT, a bit about her personal life and things she enjoys. Like the Suze Orman show, her tweets are upbeat and informational.

2. Melissa Etheridge Street Team
Although the tweets don’t appear to be written by Melissa herself, they are coming from her fan club. If you’re a Melissa fan, you can stay on top of her performances, appearances on TV shows, (It’s how I found out she was going to be on VH1 Divas with Kelly Clarkson.) and the latest from her upcoming album and tours.

3. Tegan and Sara
Lesbian twin pop stars. Not a gimmick. Good. With tweets about their daily observations, upcoming album and tour info and links to free music downloads any fan of Tegan and Sara should be following this duo. Sample tweet: “Thank you for the birthday wishes. So stoked to be 21. Finally! Gone to bar. Be back later. (kidding).”

4. Rachel Maddow
Rachel gets Twitter. She tweets when they’re something good to say. She doesn’t promo every show, just the ones worth mentioning. For fun stuff like this tweet, “Photo of President Obama having the least amount of fun anyone’s ever had with tequila.” For political junkies and Rachel Maddow fans, this she is a fun tweet to follow.

5. Ellen DeGeneres
If you’re on Twitter, you’re probably already following Ellen. Three million of you are. Ellen updates with a few fun moments from her show, tweets give-aways and teasers. Sometimes she’s sincere Ellen, “I’m watching So You Think You Can Dance, and Russel Ferguson just blew me away. I hope he makes through to the next round!” Other times she gives a little insight into her life: “This is our writing session for today’s show. Sometimes we take little breaks.”

6. Dorothy Snarker
“I’m misanthropic, but in a nice way.” Author of the popular Dorothy Surrenders blog tweets about lesbian celebrities and celebrities you wish were lesbian. It’s all good fun and worth a follow for sure. Sample tweets: “Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?” — The wisdom of Oz.” “Ilene Chaiken is looking for lesbians. RUN LESBIANS, RUN!”

7. Sisters Talk
Genia Stevens, host of Sister Talk radio is on the edge for me. She tweets a lot. Many times a day. But I keep following her because what she’s saying is so informative. She doesn’t just push her show, like some other radio hosts do. She tweets about important news and events in the LGBT community. Like “Study: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender middle school students harassed more” and “Memphis Billboard Featuring Gay Marine Vandalized” Sometimes she’s interactive: “Question for the lesbians: Do you think lesbians have sex on the first date more often that we like to admit it?”

8. Girlports
I follow a couple of travel writers, mainly because I like to fantasize that that could be my job. Girlports tweets about travel for lesbians. Tidbits to tantalize like, “For those of you coming to Canada for the Olympics this winter – the drive between Vancouver and Whistler is simply breathtaking!” or travel tips like this one “Love electroqueer parties, especially ones hosted by lesbians? There’s tons of new ones in Berlin.”

9. National Center for Lesbian Rights
Marriage Equality. Repealing DOMA. Ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Fighting for LGBT equality all across the US. That’s what the National Center for Lesbian Rights is all about and that’s what their tweets are all about. Stay on top of the latest LGBT politics by following National Center for Lesbian Rights. And while you’re at it follow NCLR director Kate Kendell.

10. Kate Clinton
Comedian Kate Clinton is fairly new to Twitter, but she seems to have this thing down. People follow a comedian because they want to laugh. “Serena is selling Tampax! Don’t need em anymore. To support her, I’m giving as stocking stuffers.” Love it!

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