Red Alert—Defend Marriage Equality in Maine

We just received word from our colleague Jesse Connelly of No on 1-Protect Maine Equality about some unfortunate news: opponents of marriage equality have just increased their TV ad buy by $25,000. $25,000 buys a lot of TV ads in Maine.

But we can’t let Yes on 1 win the airtime war with their misleading, and factually inaccurate ads. We can’t let Yes on 1 lie to Maine voters about schools, teachers, children, and same-sex couples in Maine.

We need to stand up and match every one of their lies with an ad of our own, that explains that marriage equality won’t do anything to families but protect all of them. But with the money that we have right now, we simply can’t counter their arguments on TV.

We know we’ve asked so much, but Maine is a fight we can’t afford to lose.

Please help defend marriage equality in Maine, and help us raise $70,00 in the final hours to election day.

We simply can’t–and won’t–let opponents of equality win, but we need your help. Can you come through one last time and give $20 to help us finish this campaign with a win?

In Solidarity,
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