Give Children a Chance for a Loving Home: Stop HB 2148

In as early as next week, the Arizona legislature will vote on HB 2148. HB 2148 is a bill that would require the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) and adoption agencies to give primary consideration to placement of a child to a married people. Placement with an eligible single person or unmarried couple, will only be considered if a qualified married couple is not available.

Meanwhile, thousands of children under the care of Arizona’s DES are in desperate need of the love, hope, and help that non-married adoptive parents can provide. Please join us, and our colleagues at Equality Arizona, in stopping this discriminatory bill and making sure that a child’s need for security and love comes first and foremost when considering adoptive parents.

Email your elected official today and let them know that you oppose HB 2148. Urge them to vote no, because the best interests of each child should be the deciding factor in adoptions, without blanket rules that limit their chance for a loving home.

In Solidarity,

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