Speak Out for Truly Comprehensive Immigration Reform

In the coming weeks and months, Congress is expected to turn its attention to crafting comprehensive immigration reform legislation, and we are closer than ever before to ensuring LGBT families are a part of that effort. NCLR is proud to be working with sister and ally organizations, including our friends at Immigration Equality, for a bill that helps everyone, including LGBT immigrants and their families.

Now, we need your help to pass an LGBT-inclusive bill!

We are working round-the-clock to make our voices heard, in every Congressional district, and this is your opportunity to be part of this historic effort. Meetings with elected leaders are an excellent opportunity to ask your Representatives in person for their support of the Uniting American Families Act (H.R. 1024) and its inclusion in comprehensive immigration reform.

Immigration Equality is looking for spokes-couples and individuals who have been directly impacted by this issue to be part of local, upcoming meetings with Members of Congress. These critically important, in-district meetings are the best way to encourage your lawmaker to support UAFA and to speak out, with other LGBT families facing discrimination under our current immigration laws, for a truly comprehensive reform bill.

If you have a story about obstacles you’ve faced under current immigration laws, please contact Prabhat Gautam with Immigration Equality, at pgautam@immigrationequality.org. Identify yourself as an NCLR supporter who would like to share your story with elected leaders.

No reform is truly comprehensive unless it includes LGBT immigrants and their families, too. With your help, we can ensure no one is left behind as we work to end discriminatory immigration laws.

In Solidarity,

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