Happy 50th, Kate Kendell!

Sure it’s Tax Day, but the good news is that it’s also our own Kate Kendell’s 50th Birthday! Yes, dears, 50 years ago in Utah, a new little honeybee was born in the Beehive State! Today we celebrate fifty years of sweetness from My Sister-Friend Kate.

So don’t get all grumpy and down in the dumpy because you have to pay your taxes today. Just think of how that little bundle of joy-buzz grew up to be the fine and fierce Queen Bee of our beloved NCLR.

Okay, I’ll stop with the bee metaphor, but not with the tax imagery.

Decide your Kate Tax Bracketology and send NCLR a gift in honor of Kate’s Big Birthday:

  • $1 for each year of her life—$50
  • $10 for each year—$500
  • $100 for each year—$5,000

Compared to the huge refunds we’ve gotten, I know that’s short-selling the Birthday Gal’s great work. With Kate Kendell, we are too big to fail.

When you make your gift, we’ve even given you an opportunity to send a little e-card to wish Kate a Happy 50th!

Yours in Kate-ness,

kate signature
Dupli-Kate (Clinton)
(not the Executive Director)

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