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If you are a person who is, or has been, or possibly one day could be attracted to individuals regardless of their sex/gender, please consider sharing your experience through this survey.  Click on the link below to an exciting new survey focused on people whose sexual orientation does not fit a ‘mono-sexual’ model.

This survey seek to understand the workplace experiences of people who identify as bisexual, or as one of the many alternative labels describing ‘erotic fluidity’ (such as pansexual, men/women who have sex with men and women (MSMW and WSMW), queer-identified, many-gender-loving, etc), in order to educate heterosexual, gay, and lesbian co-workers, and impact workplace policies and practices.

Take the survey

The survey is being sponsored through a collaboration between Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, the premier international LGBT workplace organization, the Bisexual Resource Center, respected internationally as a voice for the bisexual community, and the American Institute of Bisexuality, the research leader in bisexuality topics.

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