LGBT Elders Need Public Housing

by Daniel Redman, Esq. | NCLR Elder Law Project Fellow

A New York Times editorial reports that there is nowhere near enough public housing across the country.  Only a quarter of folks who qualify get a lease.  The folks who win that lottery – sometimes languishing ten years on a waiting list – are likely to find apartment buildings falling apart for lack of funding.  Who does this affect?  According to the NYT, “a majority” of applicants “are elderly or disabled.”  That includes many LGBT elders.  LGBT elders are far more likely to live in poverty than straight elders.  Nearly ten percent of older lesbian couples live below the poverty line, compared to 4.5% of straight elders.  Studies bear this out in New York, Chicago, and San Diego.  For LGBT elders of color and those who live alone, the rate of poverty is likely even higher.

Call your member of Congress to tell them to support Rep. Keith Ellison’s bill to restore funding for public housing!

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