Census Will Miss Some Gay Couples

September 10, 2010

from the Advocate

A new survey finds that while 99% of U.S. same-sex couples participated in this year’s Census, one in seven won’t be identified as such in its findings.

The results come from the Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law.

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U.S. Census Bureau Asks LGBT People to Be Counted in New PSAs

April 5, 2010

by Seth Adam | GLAAD.org

New York City Council Speaker Christinie Quinn joined U.S. Census Bureau officals at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center in New York on Monday to unveil a new PSA campaign that specifically urges LGBT people to participate in the 2010 Census count.

Each of the six new videos feature a notable LGBT advocate touting the Bureau’s inclusive message, “Be yourself and be counted.”

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Watch George Takei and Brad Altman’s Census 2010 PSA

April 5, 2010

Gays and the Census: An Honest View of American Families

April 2, 2010

Seattle Times editorial

Social change usually occurs in incremental steps, and this week — census week — offers encouraging word that gay and lesbian couples who share a home can describe themselves on the forms as husbands or wives.

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U.S. Census 2010 Opens Doors Wide for LGBT Participation

February 2, 2010

from Our Families Count

In March, American households everywhere will receive their 2010 Census forms in the mail: an important civic milestone that happens only once every ten years.

What makes this year’s Census even more historic is the unprecedented and welcoming outreach by U.S. Census leaders and managers to include the entire lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and allied community in these efforts, as a way to achieve the nation’s most accurate count possible.

Dr. Robert Groves, Director of the U.S. Census Bureau, endorsed this initiative: “We are charged each ten years to provide Congress with a Census they trust to be accurate and complete. We are grateful to our LGBT community partners in helping us achieve this significant responsibility, and to help educate, motivate and inspire everyone to take part and above all, to be visible and counted.”

For this initiative, the U.S. Census recruited and deployed nearly two dozen Census Bureau Partnership Specialists across the country specifically to work with LGBT community groups and leaders. All of these specialists are working with Che Ruddell-Tabisola who was tapped by the U.S. Census to serve as national LGBT partnership leader and as the primary bridge between the LGBT-inspired community campaign called Our Families Count.

Many of these U.S. Census Partnership Specialists will join Rudell-Tabisola by attending this year’s Creating Change conference in Dallas, Texas, starting on Wednesday, February 3, 2010. Census Bureau representatives will be staffing a welcoming table in the exhibit hall to display new LGBT outreach and education materials.

In addition, a special Workshop entitled, “Want to Add a Question to the Census?” Learn how at Numbers Matter: The Importance of the Census for LGBT Americans in 2010 and Beyond will be held at the conference in Dallas on Friday, February 5 beginning at 10:45 AM (CT).

The panel will include partners of the Our Families Count Collaborative:
•    Dr. Gary Gates, The Williams Distinguished Scholar, The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law, Los Angeles, CA
•    Glenn D. Magpantay, Democracy Program Director, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund and Co-Director of the National Queer Asian and Pacific Islander Alliance
•    Jaime M. Grant, Director of the Policy Institute, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Washington, DC

And featuring from the U.S. Census Bureau:

•    Tim Olson, Assistant Division Chief, Field Division
•    Ed SanFilippo, Partnership Specialist

For more background generally on the 2010 Census, please visit www.2010census.gov.

Please also feel free to visit www.ourfamiliescount.org for details specifically for LGBT households – with questions and answers found there in both English and Spanish.

Census Will Report Same-Sex Couples, Gay Groups See Opportunity

October 29, 2009

by Taylor Gandossy | CNN

The 2010 census is the first that will report the numbers of same-sex couples who describe themselves as married, or more specifically, who use the terms husband and wife.

The number of same-sex couples who identify as married will be released separately from the national count on a state-by-state basis, according to Census Bureau reports.

Those couples will not be included in the official national count of married couples because the Census Bureau does not have time before April to change its editing processes — which “recode” the answer of any person who says he or she is a spouse in a same-sex marriage to “unmarried partner.”

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Kenya to Launch Homosexual Census

October 29, 2009

from the BBC


Being gay is punishable by 14 years in jail in Kenya

Kenya is to carry out a census of its gay population in an effort to bolster the fight against HIV/Aids – despite homosexuality being against the law.

Nicholas Muraguri, head of Kenya’s Aids prevention programme Nascop, told the BBC it was vital that the government reached out to the gay community.

He said gay people suffered from a lack of information about the disease.

But analysts say many gay people will be afraid to come forward in a country where homosexuality can result in jail.

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