For Gay Marriage, the Maine Event Is Low-Key

October 9, 2009

by Jason Horowitz | Washington Post

Canvassers are knocking on the doors of saltbox houses and slogans are pinned to yellow slickers. But outside the Pine Tree State, next month’s referendum on gay marriage is the vote that dare not speak its name.

Even as President Obama delivers a high-profile speech about gay rights on Saturday — the eve of a national march for equality on the Mall — Maine’s landmark gay marriage legislation remains practically a secret. With low-volume murmurs of support from the institutional advocates and opponents of gay marriage, Maine’s operatives, on both sides of the issue, are curious to find themselves nearly alone as they contest an election that will determine the national gay-rights agenda.

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Anti-Gay-Marriage Fundraising To Be Investigated

October 1, 2009

by Susan Cover | Portland Press Herald

The state ethics commission voted 3-2 today to order an investigation of the fundraising efforts by the National Organization of Marriage, a Washington, D.C.,-based organization that has given money to fight same-sex marriage in Maine.

Fred Karger of Californians Against Hate filed a complaint with the commission saying the group should be required to disclose the names of donors. In response, Brian Brown, executive director of NOM, said they have not raised money specifically for Maine and therefore are not required to report individual donors.

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Join the National Day of Action for Marriage Equality: Sign Up for Phone for Maine!

September 24, 2009

No On 1: Protect Maine EqualityNo On 1-Protect Maine Equality needs our help!

As you’ve seen from their most recent television ad, the opponents of marriage equality in California are now using the same campaign of misinformation and fear-mongering in Maine. We must stand up to them!

Join volunteers from all over the country this Sunday to defend marriage equality in Maine.  All you need is a phone and a computer screen.

Click here to sign up for Phone for Maine.

Please give an hour or two of your time to protect the freedom to marry. Together we can protect the fundamental human right to marry.

New Anti-Gay Ad in Maine Is Exact Copy of California Prop. 8 Ad

September 23, 2009

by Joe Sudbay | America Blog Gay

Wow. Frank Schubert, the consultant who did the Yes on Prop. 8 campaign, isn’t even trying in Maine. He’s just recycling his Prop. 8 ads for the campaign in Maine. I know high paid consultants often do this, but at least they give the impression of trying something new.

Yes on 1 TV Ad: Everything To Do With Schools

Yes on One TV Ad: Everything To Do With Schools

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Maine Pediatricians Urge Voters to Reject Question 1

September 22, 2009

from NO on 1/Protect Maine

Citing child welfare and their commitment to support what is best for children, physicians from the Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) today announced their support for the NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign.

Children who are raised by legally married parents benefit from the legal status granted to their parents. What is good for parents and families is good for children,” said Dr. Jonathan Fanburg, president of the Maine Chapter of the AAP. The Maine Chapter of AAP is opposed to the referendum vote that challenges the marriage equality law.

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Poll: Gay Marriage Trailing in Maine

September 18, 2009

by Julie Bolcer | The Advocate

A new Research 2000/Daily Kos poll in Maine suggests that the state’s marriage equality law would be repealed if the issue went to voters today.

The survey of 600 likely voters between September 14 and 16 posed two questions pertaining to marriage equality, according to Daily Kos. In each instance, a greater percentage of respondents with a firm opinion chose an anti-equality position, although a pivotal percentage remained undecided.

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Outside Religious Right Groups Targeting Marriage Equality in Maine With a Prop 8-Style Campaign Based on Lies and Big Money

September 17, 2009

from People for the American Waypeople for the american way

National Religious Right organizations that bankrolled the effort to put Proposition 1 on the ballot in Maine descended on the state this past weekend with a SWAT team of anti-gay leaders and veterans of last year’s Prop 8 battle in California . The Religious Right’s collective targeting of Maine ’s new marriage equality law demonstrates the huge importance right-wing leaders have placed on reversing gains by marriage equality advocates in the northeast. Religious Right activists must not be allowed to set back this achievement with another massively funded campaign of deception. People For the American Way urges its members and activists to lend support to the excellent Mainer-led campaign No on 1/Protect Maine Equality.

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Watch NO on 1 Television and Radio Ads Reveal Opponents’ Distortions about Question 1

September 17, 2009

No On 1: Protect Maine EqualityNo on 1/Protect Maine Equality released rebuttal television and radio ads denouncing the false and misleading claims made in the first television and radio ads launched earlier this week by the Yes Campaign.

“These are the same old doomsday tactics that opponents of equality have been using not just in Maine, but in every state from California to Iowa to New York. They want to change the subject, to talk about anything else. But Question 1 is only about fairness and equality for Maine families,” said Jesse Connolly, campaign manager of NO on 1. “We believe Maine people will see through this cynical strategy.”

The Yes Campaign’s ads make a series of claims around the so-called consequences of treating Mainers fairly under the law, including imaginary changes in education. The NO on 1 Campaign’s ads make clear that Question 1 has nothing at all to do with schools, and that in Maine, decisions are made locally by parents and teachers who care about children.

Sheri Gould, Maine Teacher of the Year from Corinna, Me., appears in the ads and explains what the state’s curriculum will always be. “I’ve been teaching in Maine schools since 1983 – we teach respect and Maine values –and that will never change,” she says.

“Most Mainers know that marriage strengthens families, protects children and upholds traditional Maine values of fairness, equality and personal freedom,” said Connolly. “That’s what we’re talking about and that’s what Maine people are speaking out about in our ads.”

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“No on 1″ Launches Maine TV Ads

September 3, 2009

by Julie Bolcer | from

No on 1: Protect Maine Equality launched its first television ads on Thursday seeking to defend the new marriage equality law from a repeal attempt, which officially qualified for the November ballot on Wednesday.

Two new ads from the leading organization fighting the repeal include the one shown below featuring Bill Witten of Yarmouth. The former college football player and U.S. marine explains that he has two daughters, one gay and one straight, and he wants both of the women to be treated equally.

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