Photos: Vigil for Na Na Boo

August 31, 2009

from Washington City Paper

Transgender Health Empowerment Inc. (T.H.E.)  hosted a candle light vigil for Tyli’a “Na Na Boo” Mack who, along with another transgender woman, was brutally attacked on August 26th in Washington D.C.

Vigil for Na Na Boo

Vigil for Na Na Boo

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D.C. Community Vigil Tonight

August 28, 2009

Two young transgender women were brutally stabbed on Wednesday, the 26th, at the 200 block of Q Street in northwest Washington, DC. Tyli’a “NaNa Boo” Mack died at the scene, while the second victim was rushed to a nearby hospital where she remains in critical condition.

Transgender Health Empowerment Inc. (T.H.E.) is hosting a candle light vigil for the victims at the site of the attack at 209 Q St. NW tonight, Friday the 28th, at 6:30pm.  T.H.E. asks that all community members to come show their support and solidarity.

NCLR extends our deepest sympathies and condolences to the entire D.C. community and the family and loved ones of NaNa Boo and her friend.

For more information about the vigil, please visit the D.C. Trans Coalition’s website

DC Trans Coalition Mourns Loss After Brutal Stabbing of Two Transgender Women

August 28, 2009

The DC Trans Coalition (DCTC) joins with our friends, family and community to mourn the loss of a 21-year-old transgender woman, Tyli’a “NaNa Boo” Mack, who was horrifically stabbed on the afternoon of August 26th, 2009. She died in the 200 block of Q Street in northwest Washington, DC, while a second transgender woman was rushed to Washington Hospital Center, where she remains in critical condition.

The incident took place close to the offices of Transgender Health Empowerment, Inc (THE) and reminds us that the lives, health and safety of transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming people are under siege by hate and ignorance.  Attacks such as this one threaten our entire community.

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Anti-Gay Group to Fight Marriage Efforts in D.C.

August 20, 2009

By Lou Chibbaro Jr. | Southern Voice

In a little noticed development, a national organization credited with playing a lead role in persuading California voters to ban same-sex marriage through Proposition 8 moved its headquarters last month to Washington, D.C.

The National Organization for Marriage plans to use its projected 2009 budget of $6 million to, among other things, help ban same-sex marriage in the District of Columbia and prevent President Barack Obama and a Democratic-controlled Congress from repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, according to Brian Brown, the group’s executive director.

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Protecting All Families

August 14, 2009

The District takes a step toward equality in parental rights and obligations.

Editorial | The Washington Post

When a married heterosexual woman gives birth, there is usually no question that her husband’s name will appear on the birth certificate as the child’s father. Until this summer, people in domestic partnerships and those involved in same-sex relationships did not enjoy the same benefit.

On July 18, a new law went into effect in the District that places domestic partners and same-sex couples on roughly equal footing with their heterosexual counterparts when it comes to parental rights. As a result of the Domestic Partnership Judicial Determination of Parentage Act, both members of a domestic partnership — heterosexual or same-sex — are automatically and legally recognized as parents of a child born to them in the District. Both parents’ names will appear on that child’s birth certificate. Before the law was enacted, a same-sex couple would have had to engage in an often costly second-parent adoption to recognize the rights of the non-biological parent and for permission to add the second parent’s name to the birth certificate.

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Action Alert: Add Insurance Coverage for Your Spouse/ Partner in DC!

August 3, 2009

As you may know, two laws recently took effect in Washington D.C. that expanded recognition for same-sex couples who married out of the district or have another form of relationship recognition from outside D.C. (e.g., civil union, registered domestic partnership).

If you and your spouse or partner got married or partnered outside of D.C., you may be able to cover your spouse or partner through your employer’s healthcare plan. However, depending on the language of the plan, there may be a limited window from when the laws went into effect in which you can add your spouse or partner to your plan. The date each of the laws went into effect (July 7th for marriages, July 18th for domestic partnerships) may be the date of a “qualifying event” under your plan if you were married or partnered outside of D.C. before that time.
NCLR encourages all those same-sex couples who were married or partnered outside of D.C. to speak with their employer as soon as possible about adding a spouse or partner to their healthcare benefits.

The Washington D.C. Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking issued a revised bulletin on July 29th to insurance providers with information about the newly enacted laws. You can find the revised bulletin here.

If you face difficulty adding your spouse or domestic partner to your employer’s healthcare plan, you can contact the Washington D.C. DISB or NCLR’s Legal Helpline.

In Solidarity,

D.C. City Council Rejects Cuts to Programs for Poor Families

July 31, 2009

We just received word from our colleagues at the National Women’s Law Center that the D.C. City Council has rejected a proposal to cut or eliminate poor families’ Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits for failure to meet work requirements. Plus, the final budget also restored part of the funding the Mayor proposed to cut from other programs for poor families.

This is a huge victory for the poor women and children of the District. Cutting these funds would have put thousands of families in our community deeper into poverty. The TANF program provides vital cash assistance and job readiness services.

Earlier this week, we asked you to make calls to your D.C. Councilmembers about this very issue. Thank you so much for taking action. Your calls made a difference!

Please spread this good news by passing this message along to other residents of the District of Columbia.


Joan Entmacher
Vice President for Family Economic Security
National Women’s Law Center